Study Abroad

Study abroad in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom and USA today. We assist Sri Lankan students in achieving their educational goals in some of the top universities in the world. At Global Destination Hub we handle student visas and provide financial assistance including full paid scholarships to a number of universities across the globe. There are a number of diploma, graduate and post-graduate courses available to suit your career goals.

The Asian metropolis bustles with professionals, students and entrepreneurs from all over the world. With a fast-growing economy, studying in Singapore allows you to enter into a competitive job market or develop yourself as a young entrepreneur in the business world. A global hub that connects Oceanian countries with European world, living in Singapore also offers you a plenty of travel options to neighbouring countries.



Today, Kuala Lumpur is a modern business hub. A bustling, rapidly-developing capital, it’s also home to regional campuses of many world-class Australian, American and European universities. Affordable living costs allow you to live a more comfortable student life in everyone’s favorite Asian shopping destination. If you need lush tropical jungles, head north to Cameron Highlands. For sun seekers, Langkawi is your best option.


With a booming economy and a prospective job market, Australia is one of the best countries to pursue your higher studies. Studying abroad in Australia opens up the pathway to permanent residency and Australian citizenship via Australian government’s skilled migration visa sectors. Home to man made wonders, jaw dropping coastline and a countryside rich with fauna, life in Australia is an experience on its own.



Welcome to Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, where weather remains pleasant throughout the year. New Zealand offers a number of cheap, low-cost degree and diploma options to sharpen your skills and develop your career path. It also opens the gateway to New Zealand permanent residency and New Zealand citizenship which allows you to work and live in both New Zealand and Australia permanently.

New Zealand


One of the easiest countries for skilled professionals to migrate to, Canada offers a various number of affordable degree programs. With its friendly, liberal policies towards multiculturalism and different ethnicity, Canada welcomes students from all over the world. The Northern American nation is also home to a vast geographical area and rugged landscape, allowing you a plenty of adventure options during your off-time in campus.



With a thriving economy and a rich culture, the United Kingdom is one of the best countries to study and live as a young student. Home to many world class universities in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, UK offers a number of undergraduate, post-graduate degree programs for Asian students. Living in UK also allows you to freely move across the European continent during your leisure time.

United Kingdom


With a diverse culture, American universities offers a number of innovation and research options in a number of different fields. As 30 of the world’s top 100 universities are located in the United States, quality education is guaranteed. The USA offers a number of prospective employment opportunities. As American universities are quite popular with Asian students, you will feel right at home.

United States of America