Student Services 

Student Services 

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University Selection

The decision to study abroad comes with a number of questions. Which country is best for you? Which university and which program? How would you fund your higher education? At Global Destination Hub, we carefully analyze your profile, and based on your qualifications, and career goals, our team will recommend you the best university for to pursue your higher studies. In most occasions, we arrange our clients full-paid and partially-paid scholarships to fund their university education in foreign countries.

Education Counselling

With a wide range of diploma, undergraduate and graduate programs to choose from in a number of disciplines, students are met with a great difficulty. Our in-house education counsellors are catered to offer you the best educational and career guidance. They will analyze your student profile, and based on your already achieved educational levels, they will guide you step by step to find you the most suitable program in accordance with your career preferences.

Visa and Migration Counselling

We are a global hub where clients and service providers meet. As we are driven by honesty, professionalism, and determination to bring our clients success, we provide migration counselling to visa applicants. We will guide you through every step in your visa application process. Based on your profile, you will be informed about the prerequisites you would need to complete, including but not limited to financial means, educational qualifications and professional experience in skilled migration visa programs.

Admission Guidance and Career Counselling

Getting into some of the world’s top universities isn’t always an easy task. And that is why we are here to help you. Our visa experts provide the assistance in preparing your university application, including all the supportive documents. Further, they will also assist you in possible scholarships and funding programs. Counselling, career guidance and a number of after-visa services are also provided to current students and graduates by our committed team of experts.